How India’s food regulator allowed sale of unsafe processed food for years

By 2025, Indians are expected to eat processed food valued at Rs 72 trillion annually, while the revenues of the processed food industry forecast to touch Rs 60 trillion. Between 2012 and 2015, the industry tried to introduce nearly 4,500 products with completely new formulations. But, as this two-part series reports, the food safety regime has failed to keep pace with the rapidly growing industry. The first part of the series details recent CAG’s findings on how the authorities allowed the sale of food proven to be dangerous.
In December 2013, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), which is responsible for ensuring that the food sold in the country is safe for consumers, granted permission to a company called Pushpam Foods and Beverages to sell an energy drink called Restless Ginseng.
Just under a year later, scientists at the food safety authority gave senior officials a piece of information that is well-recognised in the rest of the world: that read more

After food orders, Zomato waives fees from restaurants for reservations too

Online restaurant guide and food ordering firm Zomato on Tuesday said the company has decided to waive fees from the restaurants accepting table reservations through it.

The company had last month decided to forgo commissions charged from around 70 per cent of restaurants on food orders placed through Zomato.
“Retrospectively from June 1, 2017 onward, our restaurant partners will not need to pay a ‘per cover’ fee or even a platform fee to accept seamless digital table reservations from Zomato. Yes, the service will be completely free,” Zomato Founder and read more

Shiv Sena forces over 500 Gurgaon meat shops to down shutters for Navratri

Over 500 meat and chicken shops here were on Thursday allegedly shut down by Shiv Sena workers for Navratri festival.

“We have served notices to every meat and chicken shop. This time we have not served notices to restaurants, such as KFC and other food chains which serve chicken in their restaurants as it is not seen openly.
One will have to face consequences in case he does not follow instructions,” general secretary and spokesperson of Shiv Sena Gurgaon wing Ritu Raj told PTI.

The sainiks also served notices to owners of non-vegetarian food outlets, asking them to close down their shops till the nine-day Navratra is read more

Demonetisation made our shampoo, soaps, biscuits unavailable at stores: ITC

The ITC on Friday said that the government’s demonetisation drive had led to disruptions in the wholesale trade channels for the company’s FMCG products.
“In the recent past, there had been disturbances in the wholesale channels due to demonetisation which led to unavailability of ITC’s FMCG products in many stores”, CEO of the company Sanjiv Puri said while replying to shareholders’ at the AGM here.
The shareholders expressed grievances that ITC’s FMCG products were difficult to locate at super stores. The company manufactures a plethora of FMCG (non-cigarette) ranging from shampoo, soaps, biscuits, perfumes, packaged foods and read more

Swiggy revamps app to enable faster orders, quicker delivery

Online food ordering and delivery platform Swiggy on Wednesday said it has launched its revamped application to enable easier discovery of restaurants, faster order placing, and a seamless tracking experience.

The new app, available across Android and iOS platforms, provides a snapshot of trending offers, new options from the neighbourhood, and personalised suggestions for restaurants and dishes, Swiggy said in a statement.
Commenting on the development, Swiggy Vice President – Design Srinath Rangamani said: “We redesigned the app in such a way that the full menu could be accessed with a single vertical swipe.”

Shopmatic rolls out entrepreneurship program for Shopmatic users

Shopmatic announces entrepreneurship program for merchants using the online platform provided by the Singapore-based e-commerce company Shopmatic on Wednesday said it has launched a month-long entrepreneurship program for merchants in India and Singapore.The program, from July 17 to August 16, is for any seller who has a business or read more