5 Signs You Could Have a Heart Problem

Cardiac diseases and heart ailments are amongst the most widespread health issues in India. The major reasons behind heart problems are unhealthy eating habits, sedentary lifestyle, day to day stress and genetic factors. In most cases, the existence of a heart problem gets detected only after a stroke or cardiac arrest takes place. Early detection can help one to safeguard against the condition and also take precautionary measures to reverse the damage caused.

Heart problems exhibit some surprisingly common symptoms that one may never associate with a heart condition. Some of these are:

In medical terms, snoring refers to narrowing of the nasal tract. Unless you are suffering from a cold or nasal congestion, snoring should not be taken lightly. Persistent, loud and lasting snoring could be a sign of obstructive sleep apnea. This condition raises the risk of stroke and cardiac arrest, as the pauses in breathing to exert a lot of stress on the heart.

Swollen Feet
Swelling in the feet usually happens when you walk a long distance, wear tight shoes and socks or suffer from water retention. It could also happen due to pregnancy, medication or an underlying disease.


Another Nirbhaya: Minor’s organs ruptured in Haryana gang-rape and murder

Medical examination of the 15-year-old girl, who was found dead near a canal in Haryana’s Jind district, revealed that she was raped by several individuals and had suffered immense internal injuries after the criminals inserted a blunt object into her genitals.

On Sunday, the body of a minor was found with injury marks near a canal in Budhakhera village of Jind district.

“Internal injury is found, her liver was ruptured and apart from that wounds from sexual assault are seen in her private parts. They have been mutilated and ruptured, and it seems that more than one person was involved,” head of Forensic Science Department, Dr. SK Dhattarwal told ANI.

“It seems hard or blunt weapon was introduced,” he added.The postmortem also indicates that there might have been attempts to drown the victim, Dhattarwal informed, and added, “To confirm it, we have sent for the body for a diatom test.”

The body was found naked from below the chest area.The girl has been identified and it is found that she was read more

Think global warming isn’t real? ‘Indian summers may last 8 months by 2070’

Prolonged heat-wave conditions–in other words, a summer lasting up to eight months–could be the new norm by the 2070s for the Gangetic plains, if greenhouse-gas emissions are not cut to limit the global temperature increase to 2°C, according to a new study in the journal Environmental Research Letters.

The world is getting not only hotter but also more humid. The combined scientific measure of heat and humidity is called “wet-bulb temperature”, which hardly ever crossed 32°C between 1985 and 2005. The nature of such heat waves has since changed because of rapidly growing greenhouse gas emissions, exacerbating climate change.

In the Gangetic plain, one of the world’s most climate sensitive regions, wet-bulb temperatures currently touch 31°C, on average, one day every year. By the 2070s, these heat waves may become 100 to 250 times more frequent, said the study.

Using a suite of 18 climate models, two emissions scenarios, and five population-growth scenarios, Ethan Coffel, 27, a final year doctoral student at Columbia University, and two other scientists, also estimated the possibility of the wet-bulb temperature approaching or exceeding 35°C, the theoretical human heat tolerance limit by read more

Uber’s Chinese rival Didi Chuxing offers jobs in Mexico ahead of launch

Chinese ride-hailing company Didi Chuxing has advertised online for a range of jobs in Mexico as it prepares to break into the country, one of rival Uber’s regional strongholds.

Didi Chuxing plans this year to launch a smartphone app in Mexico and to recruit drivers to the platform, Reuters reported last month. The expansion underscores Didi’s growing interest in Mexico and, more broadly, Latin America, a market where Uber Technologies Inc doubled down after Didi drove it out of China.

A spokesman for Didi declined to comment. The company is the second-most highly valued, venture-backed private firm in the world, after Uber.Over the past two weeks, Didi has advertised on LinkedIn for eight jobs based in the Mexico City area, postings on the social network show.

The company is hiring for roles in government affairs, public relations, marketing and driver operations, among other fields.Uber stressed its commitment to Mexico, noting its read more

Kamala Mills fire to Chennai floods: Why India’s regulations aren’t working

India’s cities – big and small, in the north and south – are sitting around a bonfire of regulations, basic tenets of urban planning and precious human lives. The December Mumbai fire is the latest reminder. We haven’t learnt our lessons from the gruesome Uphaar Cinema fire that killed 59 people and seriously injured 103 people in the national capital in 1997.
Here are some of the major fire incidents that took place in the last 14 years. Some places that are frequent victims – temples and firecracker units in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, for example – don’t even come under the strict demographic definition of urban areas.
According to National Crime Records Bureau figures, 17,700 Indians died – 48 people every day – due to fire accidents in 2015. Of those who died, 62% were women. Maharashtra and Gujarat, our two most highly urbanised states, account for about 30% of the country’s fire accident deaths. There is a close correlation between deaths due to read more

Govt may hike import duty on sugar to check any cheaper shipments from Pak

The government might lift the import duty on sugar from the current 50 per cent to check any cheaper shipments from Pakistan. However, no final decision has been taken yet, industry sources and officials said.
Pakistan is planning to give a subsidy on sugar exports that could make it cheaper for Indian markets, necessitating an increase in imports.
The Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA) in a statement released on Monday said that the Centre has assured them that it would consider hiking import duty on sugar.
“If Pakistan imports do become viable, or if any contracts start taking place for importing sugar into India from Pakistan, especially if the state of Sindh notifies any subsidy, the Government of India is willing to increase the read more

How India’s food regulator allowed sale of unsafe processed food for years

By 2025, Indians are expected to eat processed food valued at Rs 72 trillion annually, while the revenues of the processed food industry forecast to touch Rs 60 trillion. Between 2012 and 2015, the industry tried to introduce nearly 4,500 products with completely new formulations. But, as this two-part series reports, the food safety regime has failed to keep pace with the rapidly growing industry. The first part of the series details recent CAG’s findings on how the authorities allowed the sale of food proven to be dangerous.
In December 2013, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), which is responsible for ensuring that the food sold in the country is safe for consumers, granted permission to a company called Pushpam Foods and Beverages to sell an energy drink called Restless Ginseng.
Just under a year later, scientists at the food safety authority gave senior officials a piece of information that is well-recognised in the rest of the world: that read more